Marin Transit Rider's Guide

Marin Transit – Marin County, CA

This 44 page booklet contains an overview system map as well as route maps and schedules for all 18 Marin Transit local routes. In addition, there are maps for supplemental service routes and Golden Gate Transit commuter routes, ferry service information, and general riding info.

The booklet serves as a complete guide containing everything that a rider needs to complete a trip, from finding the route that serves their area to detailed stop locations and trip times.

The system map is a simplified diagrammatic map that uses a geographically-accurate base for spacial reference, but simplifies the geometry of the routes. This makes the map easier to read and to find routes that might meet your needs. The colored index helps the user then find the individual route map and timetable page to learn more.

The individual route maps are geographically accurate to provide street-level detail down to specific bus stop locations.

Bold red timepoint letter icons on the route maps correspond to the same icons on the timetables. This helps a user find the correct times for their locations by providing a strong visual link between the map and timetable.