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Is your transit information attracting new riders or driving them away?

Using transit can be intimidating to a potential rider. When they look at your transit map and information, you have mere seconds to convince them that they can figure it out before they give up and find another alternative.

You work hard to provide the best possible transit service, and your information should be just as good. Clear, easy-to-understand information can make the difference between a potential rider and a fare-paying customer.

Defined as "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another", empathy is critically important in transit information design, much as it is in the field of teaching. We've probably all experienced briliant people who were terrible teachers. This shortfall is usually the result of a lack of empathy. The teacher understands what he or she is teaching so well that they cannot place themselves in the shoes of the student who lacks that level of understanding. Without being able to empathize with the student and clearly understand where the student is coming from, nobody can be an effective teacher, no matter how smart they are or how well they know the subject matter.

Designing transit maps, schedules and other transit information graphics is much the same as teaching. The designer's task is to teach the potential transit customer how to use a complex transit system. In order to design information that is clear and easy to understand, the designer must be able to place themselves in the shoes of the person using the information. The designer must be able to look at a transit map with fresh eyes, as if they know nothing about how the transit system works. This is difficult to do, and one of the main reasons that most transit information is so confusing – much of it has been designed by people who are so deeply ingrained in the world of their own transit system that the information seems obvious to them, no matter how convoluted it is.

Selecting a designer
Is it necessary for you to find a designer with a lot of experience designing transit graphics? Not necessarily, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. More important, in my opinion, is finding a designer with experience designing any kind of complex information, and whose work demonstrates an ability to distill complex information down to a simple and easy to understand format. And of course, someone who demonstrates empathy and good communication skills.

Why THINK Graphic Design?
It is rare to find a graphic designer who truly understands transit from both the transit agency's point of view and that of the transit customer and potential customer.

My understanding of a transit agency's needs – from the political to the operational – gives me a unique edge in transit-related graphic design. As importantly, a clear understanding of the customers' needs, challenges, and perceptions about transit separate me from other graphic designers. I believe in public transit, and I strive to make it easier for everyone to use.

Transit clients include:
• WestCAT – Pinole, CA - transit system map, route maps, rider guide booklet
• Marin Transit – Marin County, CA - transit system map, route maps, rider guide booklet
• RTS – Rochester, NY - transit system map, route maps
• Concord Area Transit (CAT) - Concord, NH - logo and identity design, vehicles, bus stop signs, system map and rider guide
• Calaveras Connect – San Andreas, CA - logo and branding, marketing, transit system map and rider guide
• City of Albany Transit – Albany, GA – transit system map
• SBCTA – San Bernardino, CA - integrated multi-system marketing campaign
• VVTA – Hesperia, CA - transit system map, route maps
• MBTA – Joshua Tree, CA - logo and branding (in progress), marketing
• Plymouth Metrolink – Plymouth, MN - transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• Beloit Transit System – Beloit, WI - transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• MVTA – Burnsville, MN
• Maple Grove Transit – Maple Grove, MN - transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• Metro Transit – Minneapolis, MN - transit system map, schedules, marketing, signage, logo and branding
• City of Commerce Public Transit – Commerce, CA - transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• Mountain Transit – Big Bear, CA - marketing campaign
• Connect Transit – Bloomington, IL - logo and branding, transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• La Crosse MTU Transit – La Crosse, WI - transit system map, schedules, rider guide
• Waukesha Metro – Waukesha, WI - logo and identity design, vehicle design, information design
• NW Connector – Portland, OR - transit map, marketing
• Tahoe Transportation District – Lake Tahoe,NV - transit map
• Wisconsin Coach Lines / Coach USA – Waukesha, WI - maps, information
• Arrowhead Transit – Virginia, MN - transit maps and information
• SmartLink Transit – Shakopee, MN - logo and identity design, information design
• Minnesota Public Transit Association
• Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transit Association
• Sedona Shuttle – Sedona, AZ - logo and identity design, signage, vehicles, maps and information
• Napa Vine Transit – Napa, CA - transit map
• TCaT – Visalia, CA
• GATRA – Taunton, MA
• Needles Area Transit – Needles, CA
and more

Honors and Awards

American Public Transportation Association – AdWheel Awards (several)

Association for Commuter Transportation – ACT Award

Public Relations Society of America – Classic Award

Minnesota Association of Government Communicators – Northern Lights Award of Excellence

American Graphic Design Award – logo design

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