IIDA Northland Logo and identity

IIDA Northland is a regional chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). The international association has a strong identity, but the Northland chapter lacked a standard way of identifying themselves.

The IIDA Northland identity incorporates the existing logo of the international organization with a unique Northland identifier that creates a strong identity for the regional chapter.

In addition to the logo and stationery design, an important part of the project was the developement of graphic standards, which really create the tone or identity for the association. These graphic standards include things such as the positioning of the logo, fonts used, and the use of solid color bars or images at the top of items with a headline reversed out of it, which mimics the Northland logo.

These graphic standards have quickly created a solid, recognizable identity for IIDA.

The IIDA Northland website design builds on and strengthens this visual identity.


IIDA Northland Chapter


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